Jul. 1st, 2017

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Separation anxiety happens when an individual experiences anxiety regarding separation from home or from people who they have a strong emotional attachment to (e.g. a parent, caregiver, significant other or siblings).
Separation anxiety is a natural part of the developmental process as infants and toddlers grow and are given more independence.

We often hear about separation anxiety in relation to animals and young children. (e.g. the first time a new mother leaves her baby with a babysitter, a new puppy that whines all night when left in another room, or child that’s shy and nervous on the first day of school)
So why are we talking about this in relation to poly? Just like children grow and becoming more independent from their parents, a person can also grow or branch out in various ways from their partner. This may happen, for instance, when a new couple is just getting into poly and they begin to date and spend time with more than each other, or when a new relationship in an existing poly dynamic takes off.
A small amount of separation anxiety in these situations are normal and to be expected. It’s important for all parties involved to find healthy ways to deal with this stressor.

Below are two examples of encountering separation anxiety in poly relationships.

Example 1 - Jane and Dave )


Example 2 - Kate and John )


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